Minimalist Tool Holster
Minimalist Tool Holster
Minimalist Tool Holster
Minimalist Tool Holster
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Minimalist Tool Holster

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Regardless of the shop size, there are always a core set of tools that get used time and time again when making projects out of wood. If your shop is like most, these tools get left in odd places, lost under shavings or like socks in a drier, go missing completely.

This Minimalist Woodworker Tool Holster was designed by Vic Tesolin and crafted in Canada by Tori and Kyle at Frontier Collective in Ottawa, Ontario. 

The Minimalist Woodworker Tool Holster features:

  • Dedicated storage for an apron plane, small hammer and measuring tape
  • Slots for marking tools like rulers, pencils wheel-marking gauges and marking knives
  • Two metal holster clips perfect for attaching to belts, pant pockets or anywhere else you’d like to hang it – perfect for those fashion-forward folks who wear suspenders.
  • durable canvas
  • double stitching, rivets at all the stress points and quality materials

Having all your favourite tools close at hand in the Minimalist Woodworker Tool Holster means an end to wasting time searching and more time working.

This Premium Minimalist Woodworker Tool Holster was designed by Vic Tesolin and crafted in the United States by maker Jason Thigpen of Texas Heritage Woodworks. The tool holster features everything noted above with the combination of waxed canvas and dyed leather.