Liogier The Essential Rasp Collection
Liogier The Essential Rasp Collection
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Liogier The Essential Rasp Collection


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The Essential Rasp Collection includes:

12" Cabinet Maker Rasp Grain #6

A tapered, wide rasp with convex and flat sides. Ideal for cabinet work, useful in preparing flat surfaces and working hollow shapes with a large radius.

10" Half-Round Rasp Grain #9

As with the Cabinet Makers rasps, ideal for cabinet work, but being not as wide, their profile can work more hollow forms.

6" Modeller Rasp Grain #13.

It has the same application as the half-round, but is for carrying out finer and more precise work. Very popular among modellers, moulders, violin makers.

All rasps/riflers are made to order in France and then shipped to The Unplugged Woodshop for delivery. Currently, there is an 8-12 week delivery timeframe.