Liogier Modeller's Rasp
Liogier Modeller's Rasp
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Liogier Modeller's Rasp

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The Modeller's Rasp is very similar to the Half-Round Rasp but for much finer and precise work. Ideal for cabinet work, lutherie, and carving applications, this rasp is useful in preparing flat surfaces and working hollow shapes with narrow radius.

Grains are numbered from  #1 (the coarsest) to #15 (the finest). The lower numbers are used for roughing and the higher numbers are used for finishing work, to achieve a flawless surface.

These fine tools are hand stitched in France, one at a time, and are some of the finest rasps you'll find anywhere.

If this is your first rasp purchase we recommend the 6" - Grain #13

All rasps/riflers are made to order in France and then shipped to The Unplugged Woodshop for delivery. Currently, there is an 8-12 week delivery timeframe.