Kerfing Plane and Frame Saw Course
Kerfing Plane and Frame Saw Course
Kerfing Plane and Frame Saw Course
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Kerfing Plane and Frame Saw Course

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  • Designation: 5-Day Course.
  • Date: November 12th to 16th
  • Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (1 Hour lunch).
  • Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced.
  • Materials: Included.
  • Pre-Requisite: None.

During this 5 day course, you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside our 10-week Resident Students as we build the Kerfing Plane & Frame Saw

These tools feature the finest hardware and saw plates available. Custom made for us by Bad Axe Tool Works, in La Crosse, Wisconsin, you’ll refine the parts and assemble these unique and useful tools. Shaping and adjusting them, until they fit perfectly into your hands.

We’ll begin the week by learning the fundamentals of hand saw sharpening, along with the tooth geometry and the set, used on both of these tools.

Beginning with the fixed fence Kerfing plane, you’ll cut the slot for the saw plate and drill the holes for the stepped nuts. Utilising bench top jigs and appliances, the accuracy of these steps will be much more reliable. Once complete, it’s time to install the blade and take some test cuts. If all is well and you’re happy with the tool's performance, you can remove the hardware and start shaping a tote. From fret saw work to shaping with rasps and files, you’ll learn many of the fundamental skills in hand saw making.

By mid-week, when your Kerfing Plane is complete, we’ll move onto the Frame Saw. Mortise and tenon joinery will form a solid frame while the hardware is installed and then tested.

Here’s a link to my YouTube channel showing both of these tools being made.

**All students at UW must be 18 years and older to attend.
**Classes are non-refundable 48 hours prior to class.