Finishing Bootcamp
Finishing Bootcamp
Finishing Bootcamp
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Finishing Bootcamp

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  • Time: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm (1 Hour lunch).
  • Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate.
  • Materials: Included.
  • Pre-Requisite: None.
In this class, students will learn 3 traditional wood finishing techniques. You'll start by preparing the materials using high angle hand planes and card scrapers, and then move onto the steps for smoothing and polishing wood.

The traditional technique of French Polish

Regarded as the ultimate furniture finish, it has been practised by traditional furniture makers for centuries. You’ll learn how to mix and apply the shellac while getting hands-on instruction in the fine art of French Polishing.

Polissoir and Bees Wax 

Used with our handmade Polissoir & 100% beeswax, this amazingly simple, yet beautiful and renewable way of finishing wood will soon be one of your favourites

Modern Tried & True Varnish Oil 

Probably the simplest of the wood finishes, this FDA approved, food-safe oil finish preserves the natural grain and feel of the wood. An oil finish penetrates the wood fibres and provides an all-natural, long-lasting protection.

**All students at UW must be 18 years and older to attend.
**Classes are non-refundable 48 hours prior to class.