Liogier Cabinet Makers Rasp
Liogier Cabinet Makers Rasp
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Liogier Cabinet Makers Rasp

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The Cabinet Makers Rasp is a tapered, wide rasp with convex and flat sides. Ideal for cabinet work, lutherie, boat building or anywhere that wood removal and/or shaping is desired while maintain optimum control.

Grains are numbered from  #1 ( the coarsest, I call ours the wood eraser ) to #15 (the finest). The lower numbers are used for roughing and the higher numbers are used for finishing work, to achieve a flawless surface.

Hand stitched in France, one at a time, these are some of the finest rasps available anywhere on the planet.

If this is your first rasp purchase we recommend the 12" - Grain #6

All rasps/riflers are made to order in France and then shipped to The Unplugged Woodshop for delivery. Currently, there is an 8-12 week delivery timeframe.