Bad Axe D8 Handsaw (Rip)
Bad Axe D8 Handsaw (Rip)
Bad Axe D8 Handsaw (Rip)
Bad Axe D8 Handsaw (Rip)
Bad Axe D8 Handsaw (Rip)
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Bad Axe D8 Handsaw (Rip)

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These taper-ground hand saws are patterned closely after the venerable Disston D8 and Simonds skewbacked handsaws. This combines the overall plate and handsaw pattern of the Disston D8, the let-in mounting pattern for the handle is of the pre-1928 Simonds handsaw; available in both standard and thumbhole-grip versions.

Traditional 1887-1896 Disston-pattern closed handle, the most elegant pattern Disston ever produced at the apogee of handsaw manufacturing. Available in standard quartersawn hickory, or optional cherry, walnut, & maple. three sizes available in Small (S), Regular (R), and Large (L). These handles are available in both standard and thumb-hole grip, the latter also available for southpaws

Plate Depth: 7.25 at the heel, skewing to 2.58" at the toe.

Taper-Ground Sawplate: We grind our plates from .04 at the toothline up to .021 at the spine on the heel end, and .03 at the toe end, such that the deeper you plunge the saw into the cut, the more metal gets out of the way as you're pushing the saw through the inside the kerf. Great care is exercised to wet-grind the plate evenly, so the plate becomes neither s-rolled or too floppy due to loss in temper from careless grinding, which generates heat.
  • Saw Length: 26 inches (66cm)
  • Tooth Filling: Rip-cut
  • Pitch: 5.5 ppi

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Hand Size Chart:

Inches Millimetres
Small 3 1/4" - 3 1/2" 81 - 89 mm
Regular 3 5/8" - 3 7/8" 91 - 99 mm
Large 4" - 4 1/4" 101 - 109 mm

All saws are made to order and shipped from The Unplugged Woodshop. Currently, Bad Axe has an 8-12 week delivery timeframe.