Foundations Program


You'll begin your journey with the Artisan Program and we're now offering entry points at three different times of the year.

For students who may want to do multiple Programs consecutively, we offer an October entry. You can then proceed into the Maker and Designer Programs from there.

For students who wish to only attend the Artisan Program, you can also join us in October, or one of our two other entry times in January and/or April.

The Artisan Program is intensive, 9-5 Monday to Friday, with Thursday nights and Saturday afternoon shop times delegated for self guided learning.

During these first 10 weeks, you’ll discover the tools, materials, methods and techniques we use here at The Unplugged Woodshop. The fundamental skills involved in furniture making, using only hand tools, will be yours to discover, practice and develop. Through a deliberate and methodical approach to working wood with your hands, you’ll gain valuable insight into the process and techniques used in the fine art of cabinetmaking.