Aint No Feathers Around Here Boys - PDF
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Aint No Feathers Around Here Boys - PDF

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Project Two from Made By Hand - 'Aint No Feathers Around Here Boys...' A Dovetailed Wall Cabinet with Hald-Blind, Through and Sliding Dovetail Joinery. 


"FIRST THINGS FIRST WE SHOULD TRY TO think of this little cabinet as a straightforward drawer hanging on a wall. With Half-Blind dovetails at one end, (that being the top) and through dovetails at the other, a drawer in essence is what this cabinet is. A sliding-dovetailed center divider and two solid wood drawers will sharpen your dovetailing skills and in my case make a nice little place for my wife to store tea bags. If you're still getting comfortable in the dovetailing process, this project will really push you forward and you'll be a dovetailing guru in no time at all. let's begin...