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UW Shellac Flakes
UW Shellac Flakes
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UW Shellac Flakes

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Ultra-Blonde & Garnet De-Waxed Shellac Flakes
Shellac Flakes have a shelf life and most of us won't use it before it "goes bad". This is why we sell our de-waxed shellac flakes by the ounce (oz). 
By purchasing in small quantities and mixing small batches of shellac you will ensure the highest quality finish for your next project.
Below is a simple chart that outlines by weight, the amount of shellac flakes to purchase for your next project; and indicates the appropriate amount of alcohol to mix for a 1 pound cut.
We've made it super easy for you to mix up a 1 pound cut of shellac flakes for your next project. You can purchase our Shellac Starter Package and fill the jar included in the kit with 8 oz of denatured alcohol or a shellac thinner (Lee Valley Tools). Set aside for 24 hours and the flakes will be dissolved; now you're ready to finish!
Project BF Shellac Flakes  Alcohol
1 -10 1 oz 8 oz (1 Cup)
10 - 15 4 oz 32 oz (4 Cup)
15 - 20 8 oz  64 oz (8 Cup)