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What’s Goin’ On Magazine Review-

This 6 track release has that emotional edge that usually gets left on the cutting room floor of the local modern rock station. Tom Fidgen expertly handles the vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, and bass on all the songs and called in Steve Gaetz to add percussion.

The initial groove of “Humans Being” gives a good idea of what Tom is capable of and an exciting hint of what’s to come. His songwriting and storytelling represent the beauty of graffiti that decorates the roots of something rather organic. File under intensely passionate. “Silver Submarines” is probably my pick…it has a refreshing bounce and lift to it that exposes vulnerability, even if you are looking to crack some bones.

The proverbial hand reaching out from the darkness, in “Prohibited”, to stop you from being yourself…listen as reality disappears in a cynical gasp. The skeptical title cut switches gear from near dirge to a modern shanty…all without losing the cohesive effect of the whole. “Political” is a great choice of Spirit of the West tune to cover that puts a little more raw angst into this 10 year old gem. Tommy recalled the song from his high school days, and when Tony Boone heard him sing it at a party, he encouraged him to include it on the recording.

“Familiar” is a chance to show off some eastern influences and I ain’t talking about Ravi Shankar. This was captured off the floor and has an interesting genesis behind it: “Gordie Sampson and I were having a little too much fun,” recounts Tommy, “and ended up in Mississauga with Wendy MacIsaac for a ceilidh. When I got home and picked up my guitar that Gordie had been playing it was still tuned funny.” 

Human by Trade has spent a considerable amount of time in my discman. Self-produced, and mostly self-performed, it’s pleasing to the ears and will make a great addition to your collection.